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Alberta Canada

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I like long walks to my
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and yet more coffee.

Concept Focused Design

Creative Director / Janitor

Katie Songer

Do, or do not. There is no try.

For the past ten years, 5 Gallon Creative has been delivering conceptually focused marketing to local and international clients alike. As the independent practice of award-winning graphic designer Katie Songer, the studio aims to bring cutting-edge, agency-quality work to businesses of any size. 5 Gallon Creative is Katie's vision: stategic, service-oriented communication that engages and motivates. From branding and identity solutions, to print design, advertising, catalogs, packaging and web media, 5 Gallon Creative handles each project with the attention and engaged service that only a small studio can provide.

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Raised near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Katie is a farm-girl, a third generation cattle breeder and an aspiring film student. She has a Bachelor of Visual Communication from Alberta College of Art and Design, and has designed for a wide variety of industries and clients, including agriculture, medicine, education, and publishing.

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